• Mission Statement

    SARDAA's mission is to provide authorities with properly trained, competent search dog/handler teams in the province of Alberta, and Canada.

  • Goals

    SARDAA's goal is to provide SAR-dog and Field Tech instruction, training, and information so as to develop well-trained teams for search and rescue purposes; and, wherever possible, to provide a minimum of two (2) dog/ handler teams to authorities when requested.

  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy is to assist others, and to preserve life using well-trained dogs. SARDAA members do not freelance; our teams respond to official agencies, either directly or in support of other responding organizations.

  • Objective

    SARDAA’s objective is to develop teams in all the skills required for them to provide professional support to aid agencies in locating evidence, lost or missing persons. Handlers will have working knowledge of SAR techniques, SAR management, evidence preservation, courtroom procedures, navigation, survival, first aid, and other specialized training as required. Members of SARDAA are expected to follow guidelines set out for training, participate in team training exercises, demonstrate a team-oriented attitude and train themselves and their dog to the best of their ability in order to ensure that the 'potential survivor' has a well-trained and highly competent team working towards his/her rescue.