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Celebrating our 35th Anniversary in 2024!

Established in 1989, the Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta is a volunteer, non-profit group of dogs, handlers and field techs who serve the community in times of emergency or disaster.  SARDAA is also a registered charitable organization.

SARDAA is the province’s original SAR Dog organization, consistently training and deploying teams primarily in cooperation with the Edmonton Police Service and serving other agencies when requested. SARDAA offers its self-sufficient, volunteer services in areas such as urban search, cadaver and water search and in disaster search incidents.

SARDAA teams are available for call-out to tasking agencies on a 24-hour basis at 780-405-6084. The organization does not charge for its services.

SARDAA teams perform searches only under the direction of emergency or law enforcement service agencies and at no cost to the agency. Any such official agency, such as police, fire or other rescue teams can call on SARDAA for assistance in wilderness, water, disaster or human remains searches. A SAR dog team consists of dog handler, a certified dog, plus a Field Tech.

Celebrating 35+ Years of Excellence in K9 SAR!

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Celebrating 35+ Years of Excellence in K9 SAR!

Sorry, we DO NOT search for missing pets.

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Did you know – because SARDAA is a registered Charitable Organization under Revenue Canada regulations, SARDAA is able to issue tax deductible receipts for donations received.

June 21, 2023 – JVCKENWOOD Canada Awards Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta $10,000 in Communications Products with KENWOOD Cares Grant.

SARDAA is thankful to JVCKENWOOD Canada for the grant.  This will allow SARDAA to upgrade our radio inventory and increase communications and safety of our teams in both training scenarios and when responding to search calls, thereby helping us continue to serve our community in the most safe and efficient manner possible.